Brand Story

Since 2020, 5coffee has achieved outstanding results in China. Thanks to the support of franchise partners from all over the world, 5coffee has become the fastest growing specialty coffee brand. The brand will land in Malaysia in 2023 and open a concept store in the prime location of Johor Bahru. We are a young, dynamic and innovative specialty coffee brand. We are constantly challenging traditions, looking for new possibilities in the coffee world, and making a cup of truly high-quality and delicious coffee for every customer.

We are very strict in the selection of coffee beans. We only select highquality coffee beans and pay attention to the origin, variety, and processing methods of coffee beans to ensure high-quality products. Through fine roasting control, the flavor and aroma of coffee beans can be brought into full play, presenting customers with a variety of tastes and flavors.

We are committed to becoming the favorite coffee brand of young people, spreading the brand concept to all over the world, and providing perfect services to our franchisees, ensuring that every store of √5COFFEE becomes the focus of the whole city.